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This is Madan, founder of Matchframe Editing School & renowned editor in the film industry. For a long time, I had a question in mind. “Isn’t it reasonable to provide editing course for students at an affordable cost?” I took that question as a challenge to myself. I love to teach editing. That’s how I decided to start Matchframe Editing School at Chennai in 2016. I started with my simple motto “ We Educate You Innovate”. At Matchframe, we offer high-quality training. I wanted my students to experience excellence at every level in the industry. An exclusive training place with all high end facilities. I also wanted their learning experience is so pleasant & enriching, that it shall remain in students mind forever.


Founder of Matchframe Editing School
& Renowned Editor


From Founder

I love sharing all my Career Experiences

Started my journey as a promo editor in Seven crest Communication.

The next work was Arun Vijay’s Malai Movie trailer, seeing that work got the opportunity to edit songs in Siddu Plus 2 Movie “Poove Poove song”

Later I started editing more trailers & promos for movies like Payanam, Singam puli, Dhoni, Unsamayalarail, Uppu Karuvadu, Station (Hindi movie), Sivalinga, Maragatha Naanayam, Sathya, Promos for Kaala, Vadachennai & many more Tamil & Kannada movies.

Since I got an interest in teaching editing, I got an opportunity to teach in Loyola college for a few months.

In 2013,Started to take classes in Tnagar Arena.

Then in 2015, I started as a full movie editor for the next stage of my life. Darling 2 was my first movie, Adhagappattathu Magajanangalay was my second movie then Arun Vijay’s Boxer movie, LIFT movie, Kaadhalum Naanum.

Moving forward, We hope to do the best & become the No.1 Editing School in India, in terms of offering maximum value to its students at affordable cost in learning the editing.

Proud Movement

I was so happy and proud that Zero movie “Editor Sudarsan”, Aruvi movie “Editor Raymond” & Pisaasu movie “Editor Gopinath” were my students.