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Why is editing such an integral part of anything associated with media?


Editing is an integral part of any video production, or media-related medium goal is to create or repurpose the content.

Every medium has its way of delivering video content, which is why we use a variety of editing techniques, such as linear editing, nonlinear editing, online editing, offline editing, cloud-based editing, and vision mixing. Depending on the medium, these techniques are suitable.

For example, a live sporting event you see on television or a digital streaming platform is edited using Vision mixing techniques, including live color correction and post-production effects.

As you all know, Editing is based on technique and creative skill by an editor who tells the story or Information using video content through importing footage, organizing the ok shots and takes, and combining them to create a compelling message or tale. As a professional editor in all media, you need to possess academic and technical know-how that will allow you to sustain yourself in any field.

Editing is Everywhere when Media is involved

Right from a movie poster to the Instagram post that we add or from the movie/series cuts to the reels that we create, Editing is such an integral part with everything that we do. When the suffix Media is introduced, Editing naturally becomes a part of it, be it Mass media or Social media. Some of the tools which anyone could use are of the following : – Adobe Premiere Pro – AVID – FCP – iMovie – DaVinci Resolve And so on… But the one thing which should be kept in mind is the fact that editing is a process of love and not all who edit can excel in this field. To do so, you need to have a sense of love for this field and should always be curious and excited to learn new things which would bend the concepts of reality in your mind. As one of the top Editing schools in Chennai which focuses on people who absolutely adore editing however skillful or skill less they may be, Matchframe Editing School is here to stay and build a reputation of growing people who love editing and learn new things in this field.

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